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Lionel Fang Inc.

Cordless Broom Vac cleaner SM-211

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
Cordless Broom Vac cleaner SM-211


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Vacuum Cleaner

Offer Post Time: 2012-03-26

Serial Code:

Model: SM-211


Carriage: FOB China


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD

Detailed Product Description

It combines a broom and vacuum to sweep away dirt in one easy step. No more bending or stooping to empty a dustpan .

Features Specifications:
1.Ni-cd battery, 6 PCS in side. 9.6V/50 Watt /20-25minutes working time after charge16-24 hours
2.Broom vacuum sucks debris through a 20-inch nozzle
3.Transparent dust cup collects dirt
4.Cordless 9.6volt broom vacuum plugs into the included adapter for recharging
5.Foot start-up switch
6.Clear dirt cup for power you can see
7.Rechargeable broom vacuum for sweeping all hard floors without the cumbersome stpan.
8.Injection color, choice any color as you like.