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SM-211 Cordless Broom Vac(patent)

Laundry & Cleaning Appliances
SM-211 Cordless Broom Vac(patent)


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Offer Category: Laundry & Cleaning Appliances  -  Vacuum Cleaner

Offer Post Time: 2012-03-26

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SM-211 Cordless Broom Vac(patent)

Cordless Broom Vac

The Cordless Broom Vac combines a broom and vacuum to sweep away
dirt in one easy step. No more bending or stooping to empty a
dustpan -the Broom Vac vacuums up the dirt while you sweep.

The Broom Vac is a cordless broom that sweeps and vacuums in one
easy step. The Broom Vac is convenient for quick pick ups, but
powerful enough for everyday cleaning. Simply push the foot switch
with a tip of a toe, sweep dirt as normal and suck up the mess. The
product is ideal for cleaning dry spills on a variety of hard floor
surfaces such as wood, linoleum, marble and tile. And unlike the old
straw broom and dustpan, there`s no need for bending over and no
messy line of dirt left behind. After use, simply remove the unit??s
dirt cup and empty. To recharge the Broom Vac simply plug in the

You are bidding on a very gently used blue Cordless Broom Vac as
shown in photo. Save some money and get this one that was used only
a handful of times. Item is clean and in good working order. AC
recharger adapter included.

Item NumberSM-211
Product NameCordless Broom Vac
Product in Inches11.5x28x54.5cm
1x40??Container HQ3300pcs
Volume 0.093CBM
CertificateCE, ROHS,PSE,UL

1.rechargeable broom vacuum for sweeping hard floors without
the cumbersome dustpan
2.Broom vacuum sucks debris through a 20-inch nozzle
3.Transparent dust cup collects dirt
4.Cordless 9.6volt broom vacuum plugs into the included
adapter for recharging
5.Foot start-up switch
6.Clear dirt cup for power you can see
7.Safe for all hard floors

Ditch the dustpan and broom for one convenient and
rechargeable power-operated vac. Featuring 60 percent more
suction power than the original broom vac, this lightweight
invention sweeps and vacuums hard floor surfaces in one easy
swoop. A foot activated on/off switch for hassle-free
operation. Weighs less than 4 pounds.